View from pulpit

New Pastor

It is with great thankfulness to God we announce that Westoning Baptist Church has appointed a new pastor. After many years since our last pastor left, the church called Matthew Aldridge, and Matthew accepted. Both Matthew and the church saw the leading of God in this matter. He was set aside for the Office at the Lord’s Table in November.

Matthew comes from Harrold and Carlton Baptist Church in North Bedfordshire. As a child he lived in Silsoe and went to school in Harlington, before moving away. Some of his great grandparents are buried in the chapel graveyard.

We welcome him back!

Matthew will begin his ministry by preaching a limited number of Sundays during 2023, with other preachers will conduct the remaining services. The pastorate is much more than preaching, and Matthew, supported by the other church officers will oversee the spiritual care of the people.

The church, and many of our friends from other churches, have prayed many times, over many years, and we give thanks that God has graciously heard and answered. Please continue to pray for the success of Matthew’s ministry among us, and that it may continue to be glorifying to God.

Martin Hare (Elder)