Come to our Holiday Bible Club!


Our Holiday Bible Club this summer has the theme “Champions!”. We’ll learn about the life of Christian athlete, Eric Liddell, being 100 years since he won the gold medal for the 400m in the Paris 1924 Olympic games. We’ll also look at Bible stories, play games, make crafts, sing songs, learn a verse and more.

When is it?

Thursday 29th August 10am-12:30pm

Friday 30th August 10am-12:30pm

The programmes are different each day, but also link together.

Where is it?

Westoning Baptist Church, Greenfield Road, Westoning, MK45 5JD

What's happening?

Children will get to join in games, memorise a Bible verse, make a craft, hear and learn a Bible story, sing together. They’ll be a snack mid-morning.

Who is it for?

Free and open to all children aged 5-13.

How do I register?

To book your place – use the form below. We will be pleased to see you!

Any questions or require transport? Please contact us.
All volunteers are DBS checked.

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